MAPRI was founded in 1998 and is dedicated to the pursuit of the paranormal through scientific research, and the development of standards to produce, quantify, and archive scholarly and scientific studies to further the paranormal sciences and to raise public awareness.

Before Christopher Rowe founded MAPRI, he studied cult activity and investigated the “Satanic Panic” movement of the late 1980’s in his local area. He ultimately determined that most of the complaints were imaginary, and the majority of the fear created was irrational.

Christopher Rowe had numerous paranormal experiences as a child and in the summer of 1992 he and a friend attended an exorcism were he witnessed his first shadow entity. Later that summer, one evening, he saw another shadow entity in a public park. This one was at least 10 feet tall and dropped from a tree. It looked at him and even took three large steps with its long legs toward Chris, then jumped into the dark canopy of the trees above.

It was at that point when Christopher knew without a doubt that there is something more than what he could understand going on in the natural universe.


In 1998, Christopher Rowe started a group of like-minded people who had interests in the paranormal and wanted to study paranormal phenomena in a scholarly fashion. MAPRI started out as Mid-American Paranormal Society (MAPS) then a few years later a very famous ghost hunter show became popular and their name was very similar, and to avoid any misunderstandings of our intention we changed it to MAPRI.

The word, “Institute” was added when college professors and others with post-graduate degrees became interested in joining MAPRI to develop scholarly writings, perform experiments and developing standards and practices with the ultimate goal of bringing a level of scientific legitimacy to the science of paranormal studies.

Members joined, did their work and left. This was the way of things for years until 2014 when membership was closed to the public and those involved took on a consultant capacity, helping other groups organize and use the MAPRI system of paranormal investigation.

Between 2010 and 2016 MAPRI developed a kit to submit to a high school or college to allow for the creation of an official paranormal group/club. This group would be supported by MAPRI.


IN 2019 MAPRI revitalized its assets and recreated its website to focus on furthering the cause of Paranormal Standards and promoting various paranormal advocacy issues.


MAPRI is not a politically motivated group, nor a lobbyist organization. Its members are diverse and are not motivated by the political climate.


MAPRI advocates for the recognition of paranormal science as legitimate science. This includes research on ghosts, entities, cryptozoology, ufology, and psychic/mediumship.

MAPRI advocates to end the practice known as “Paranormal Tourism.” If the phenomenon known as “Hauntings” are truly a human soul, or the physical manifestation of a human mind of a person who has died, then the act of paranormal tourism is akin to human slavery and exploitative. MAPRI is dedicated to freeing the spirits that are trapped here in this plane of existence.

MAPRI advocates for proper safety measures for paranormal groups, including proper first aid training for each member of a MAPRI certified paranormal group. Following a very simple safety plan is key to a successful investigation.


It is our mission to have a majority of paranormal teams to become official MAPRI investigators. This means that any group can apply and receive the MAPRI system.

It is our goal that by the end of the year MAPRI will have established a global paranormal database where official MAPRI investigators can input data and search other group’s data to compare scientific data and techniques for experiments and planning for options for freeing the spirit/entity.

To have a national and global presence with MAPRI members doing scholarly presentations at conferences, writing scholarly papers based on their experiments, and even demonstrating real paranormal science on television, documentaries, and podcasts.

To develop a grant whereby MAPRI members can apply for funding towards equipment and/or items needed to create any of the tasks to create that national/global presence.


We wish to thank everyone who has been with us in every capacity along the way to becoming what MAPRI has become in the past 20 years!  Even to the naysayers and the skeptics that think we are wasting our time, we want to thank you for keeping us motivated all these years to improve the scientific aspect of the paranormal sciences.